E-readers to Africa
  • The Thanks Be To God Foundation (TBTG) is embarking on an exciting new initiative to provide e-readers and educational content to students in Africa. This initiative is consistent with the foundation’s goal of supporting youth around the globe. In past years the foundation has provided funding for a classroom and housing for teachers in Tanzania. In addition TBTG has provided E-readers and computers for a school and a local library in the country. These projects have been completed in conjunction with our outstanding partners including The Friends of Tanzania Schools, Bricks For Life, Share in Africa and Sophisticated Systems Incorporated.

    With this new bold initiative, starting in the summer/fall of 2012, TBTG is currently in discussions with two potential partners to support this e-reader initiative. Both organizations, World Reader and Share in Africa are doing fantastic work in this area. It is neither the intent nor desire of TBTG to recreate a similar program but rather to work in partnership with organizations committed to this important cause. Various studies have confirmed that there is a significant and positive impact on student learning when technology, specifically e-readers, is available to students.

    How can TBTG help? What is our role? How can you help us help others? TBTG is targeting supporting this initiative via a number of programs and activities. First, the foundation will be funding at least one, if not multiple projects in support of World Reader, in the coming months. Each project will include providing 50 e-readers loaded with approximately 100 titles, half of which are focused on local content in the various countries. Secondly, TBTG will be embarking on an aggressive campaign to collect “used e-readers” for distribution via our partners working on the ground in Africa. This program will provide an opportunity for individuals and organizations to donate their used devices to our foundation. Thirdly, TBTG hopes to work with a variety of publishers and partners to provide additional content in order to enhance the learning experience for children. Finally, TBTG, working with volunteer organizations, hopes to facilitate providing volunteers to assist with the collecting of e-readers in the US and the deployment devices and content in Africa.

    This is a BOLD, yet potentially very impactful initiative. Please stay tune for future updates as it relates to specific targets for this initiative and feedback on our progress. As always your support is graciously appreciated and necessary to “CHANGE THE WORLD” ---- something that I truly believe, working together, we can accomplish.

    May God Bless You, this initiative and the work of the foundation each day.