Opportunities for Matching Funds
The TBTG foundation will periodically set aside dollars to support contributions to particular causes. This initiative will be updated periodically however the commitment by the fund is to ensure that all information regarding our matching program is current on the site. Currently two such matches are in effect. First, for all loans make via Kiva the fund will provide a match of $.50 (fifty cent) on the $1.00 (dollar) until such time as the $1000 dedicated for this program is exhausted. Donations to Kiva can be done directly through the Kiva website (www.kiva.org) and should specify the TBTG Foundation Kiva Team.

The second match is being supported by an anonymous donor who will match $.50 on the dollar for contributions to the TBTG Foundation. The total amount committed for matching funds is $5000 per year. All such donations should be made via The Columbus Foundation. Please contact Dwight Smith at dwsmith@ssicom.com and he will coordinate and confirm that your match has been contributed.”