Case Studies
Eartha Limited is a for-profit, socially minded company expanding sustainability within the food service industry. Eartha operates a traditional recycling center which ultimately leads to selling materials (cardboard, paper, plastics, etc) on the commodities market. Unique non-traditional programs organic material hauling, compostable product distribution and bio-diesel conversion position Eartha as a leader in sustainable food service.

Eartha strives to also be a leader in the community through programs benefiting non-profits, youths and the less fortunate. Programs such as speaking with youths about social entrepreneurism, book donations, equipment donations and by hosting fundraisers for various non-profits have proved valuable. Future plans include developing working situations and job opportunities for the developmentally disabled and those typically not able to care for themselves.
Azoti is a complete marketing platform providing both offline support services and a suite of online tools to help the more than five million local food providers increase their share of every food dollar spent by driving demand and increasing productivity. Azoti will serve local farmers, dairies, fisheries, distributors, co-ops, farmer’s markets and artisans by providing demand aggregation services, program management and a host of CRM solutions.