Our Approach
Social Entrepreneurs are innovators, business leaders, and people in general who aspire to build businesses that are sustainable and can potentially significantly impact our world. The Thanks Be To God Foundation’s past initiatives in this area include establishing the Thanks Be To God “Kiva” Team (www.kiva.org). Our team continues to make loans to entrepreneurs aspiring to become financially self sufficient. As loans are repaid the dollars are lent to other businesses. To date our team has supported approximately 500 entrepreneurs with loans, generally less than $100 and yet significant enough, in combination with other lenders, to make a meaningful difference. Our goal is to expand our TBTG Kiva team of supporters and to increase our total loans granted to in excess of 1000.

In 2010, The Thanks Be To God Foundation became a financial partner with The Acumen Fund (www.acumenfund.org). Recognized on a global basis for investing in innovative ideas that are both scalable and sustainable, this organization is truly a “Game Changer”. Please visit their website for additional information.

In 2011, the TBTG Foundation made a decision to engage in directly supporting businesses with a philosophy that is similar to both the Kiva and Acumen Fund organizations; investing in entrepreneurs who are socially responsible and have the ability and desire to positively impact our society. The businesses targeted for investments by the TBTG Fund are typically larger than those supported by Kiva and smaller than those supported by The Acumen Fund. Investments are generally in the form of loans however equity investments will also be considered. Some of the details of the program are as follows:

1) Dollars returned to the fund for investments made (interest payments, principal repayments, or a liquidity event in the case of equity investments) will be available for future investments.
2) Since the Thanks Be To God Foundation is established to provide funding for 501C, not-for-profits entities, the funds invested into specific companies will not be funded via the Foundation directly and investments will not be treated as tax deductible.

The TBTG Foundation is honored to support entrepreneurship. This is an important purpose of the foundation, second only to supporting youth based causes around the globe. As this particular initiative evolves please contact the foundation via e-mail with any questions or for additional clarification.

“Supporting ideas and entrepreneurs that are truly making a difference”.